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#1 29-08-2009 15:59:57

Robert Teer
From: Thurrock Nomads
Registered: 05-04-2009
Posts: 23

Stage checked out

Checked out Stage 9 this morning:

1) No problems. Did some light gardening & met Martin of Harwich and a lady reccying their stage.
2) I've improved the Essex Way signing through the nature reserve shortly after Bradfield.
3) It's important that runners use the foreshore of the River Stour shortly after the start as per the stage description - we only had permission to use the bottom of the farmer's field last year as the stage time coincided with high tide. No problems this year as high tide is around 2pm. We may need the farmer's goodwill sometime again in the future so don't upset the apple-cart!
4) We (Thurrock Nomads) have got a TRA permit for this stage. To obtain this we had to discuss traffic management with Harwich Police. We'll be marshalling the start and the dangerous road section immediately after the Wrabness RSPB sanctuary. Important runners obey the marshals for everyone's safety.
5) We hope to have a drinks station by Wrabness Church but can't guarantee that.
The pedantic among you may like to know that the actual stage length is 5.5 miles according to my GPS. Reaching the road at Wrabness is 2.2 and the road after the RSPB sanctuary is 4.4. The main description can be adjusted next year.



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