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#1 02-05-2011 10:52:18

From: Harwich Runners
Registered: 03-11-2008
Posts: 89

Possible waymarker issues

I've received the following emails from a (confused) TGT member about waymarkers in this stage....

hi all at essex county council you need to improve the signs for the essex way route between chatham green and coggeshall one of your signs just has bridleway which is not very good if your looking for essex way signs  some places theres none so you have to guess were to go not good enough and one of your signs has a sign with a bend telling you to go round the bend but its nearly straight on so you go the wrong way and put more miles on your run not a happy baby hope you take some notice of this gavin member of grangefarm running club

and another....

Thanks for replying to my email so you have to have a map or a trail narrative hopefully they may do one for the operate way they have it towards hawrich at the moment you can't reverse the trail instructions that's why I was saying about the signs I now the council will not doing anything about it because off cuts you must have been aware anyway should the essex way race the other way round for a change finishing at epping which I have been told you have done in the past to keep the interest in the lovely walks in essex cheers for the map advice gavin foster grange farm ps hope the signing up on the cumbrian way is better than that part of the essex way  thanks again for your advise just making you aware of the bad signing for when you write your trail narrative for this years essex way Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device



#2 11-08-2011 15:47:48

Ian Stobirski
From: Witham Running Club
Registered: 16-07-2009
Posts: 27

Re: Possible waymarker issues

Witham Running Club will be checking the route on the 11th and 21st of August.  Please send any comments or specific problems.





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