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#1 08-09-2009 22:47:45

Howard Jardine
From: Grange Farm Trotters
Registered: 06-04-2009
Posts: 10

A Scoring Issue

We had a scoring issue with a runner that didn't start the race from the right place and along the way (with a member of another club) accepted a lift in a car because they had gone wrong. We didn't penalise the runner on the day because the facts were not fully known, but now I believe there should have been a penalty of.some sort, even if it was for being dishonest by keeping quiet about it at the finish! I'd run my route 5 times before and embarressingly I went wrong, but I had to run back to the right place, I didn't take a lift !

Perhaps a simple rule - leg power only

and if you are not registered before the start of the race - you are out. You can always phone your team to say you are lost or late and the race could be held for you for a while as the next leg is not dependent on it.



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