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#1 08-08-2009 17:21:57

Ian Stobirski
From: Witham Running Club
Registered: 16-07-2009
Posts: 27

Route Directions Check

The route was checked by a team from Witham Running Club on the 26th of July 2009 and a risk assessment was performed.  The existing route directions were found to be correct.  A number of issues were reported to the relevant local authority for action.  A number of points on the route were reviewed on Saturday the 8th of August as a result of the risk assessment.  As a result 4 amendments were made to the route directions; 2 direction clarification and 2 runner cautions.


Ian Stobirski



#2 14-08-2009 08:31:41

From: Harwich Runners
Registered: 03-11-2008
Posts: 89

Re: Route Directions Check

updated instructions now online



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