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#1 07-06-2011 21:08:34

Sally Gillam
From: Harwich Runners
Registered: 20-04-2009
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Essex way Planning Meeting May 26th 2011 held at Chelmsford rugby Club

Essex way Planning Meeting May 26th 2011 held at Chelmsford rugby Club Minutes

Sally Gillam explained that Ilford AC had instigated the meeting as there had been discussions about the need for a meeting last year but were not in any way taking the lead.   The Essex Way is equally run by all the Essex Clubs.

Apologises for Absence
Malcolm Bailey – Tiptree
Sarah Colbert – Springfield Striders
Howard Jardine Grange Farm
Ian Pike – Benfleet

1)     Confirmation of leg organisers
Leg 1 – Ilford AC and East London Runners
Leg 2 – Thrift Green Trotters
Leg 3 – Pitsea
Leg 4 – Grange Farm and Bishop Stortford
Leg 5 – Witham
Leg 6 – Tiptree
Leg 7 – Springfield Striders
Leg 8 – Billericay Striders
Leg 9 – Colchester Harriers – replacing Thurrock Nomads
Leg 10 – Harwich
Billericay were happy to continue but would have liked to move to a leg closer to home but there were no offers to swap.

2)    General Stage organisation
It was agreed that clubs should use their discretion as to the need for marshals on key points of the route.   Marshals would only be used in response to potential risks e.g. on a major road or railway crossing not to help navigate the route.
Clubs normally provide water at least at the end of their leg but again this is at the discretion of organising clubs.

3)    Results and entries
Sally Gillam (IAC) is willing to continue to collate entries via website.
Same categories as previous years– General, Ladies, vet 45.
This year Sally will give each team a number to be used to identify each team.

Andy Clarke (TGT) is willing to continue with results.
Kevin Wright (SS) asked about the scoreboard as teams like to follow their progress. 
Fiona Sutherland (BS) suggested only the top teams might need to be shown.
Graeme Knott (HR) offered the loan of a printer.
It was agreed that Andy Clarke would look into ways of producing ongoing results, however taking regard for the practicalities of updating the results and general logistics.

4)    DNF
Clubs to take responsibility for their team members.   Sally to email team managers contact details to all leg organisers.  In the event of a runner not finishing the team manger will be responsible so leg organisers are not put in the position of waiting for someone who may be in the pub or have gone home!

Non- Starters - Penalty of 100 points for a vacant leg.
DNF – the lowest score plus one.

Two issues –
    Blatant cheating e.g. taking a lift or dangerous behaviour e.g. ignoring marshalling instructions at a major road.  Disqualification appropriate.
    Short cuts - impossible to enforce cutting corners and known short cuts.  Important to refer all runners to the first page of the website re: spirit of the race. Issue of honour.

5)    West Bergholt start
No plans to change start.  Graeme Knott – received contacts from Parish Council about parking arrangements for this year.  Comments about the parking available on the forum.

6)    AOB
Sally Gillam encouraged greater use of the forum on Essex Way website rather than group emails.  This will ensure no one misses information.
Graeme Knott – apply on the website for a forum log in. Extra details are available especially contacts for gardening and permits.
Kevin Wright asked for a date by which instructions should be revised.  Agreed Monday 4th July.
Graeme Knott – if instructions need updating email him for a word file to revise.
Sally Gillam welcome Orion Harriers who are planning to enter teams this year.

In attendance
Kevin Wright , Allison Cook and Len Clark – Springfield Striders
Graeme Knott – Harwich Runners
Ian Stobirski – Witham RC
David Hyde – Leigh on Sea
John Carter – Colchester Harriers
Neil McGoun and Tim Wright – Orion Harriers
John Pettifer – Pitsea RC
Ian Foskew and Dave Game– Mid Essex Casuals
Dave and Pat Godfrey – Billericay Striders
Fiona Sutherland – Bishop Stortford RC
Alison Norrington, Andy Clarke and Paul Price – Thrift Green Trotters
Edward Bernard and Micky Wilson – East London Runners
Martin Clarke, Malcolm Muir and Sally Gillam – Ilford AC



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