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#1 06-09-2010 12:55:22

Robert Teer
From: Thurrock Nomads
Registered: 05-04-2009
Posts: 23

2010 Feedback

Just to thank all the runners for their co-operation on Sunday - no problems at the dangerous road stretch at 4.5 miles this time.  May I just remind everyone that we (Thurrock Nomads) won't be organising Stage 9 next year so it's up for grabs - I suggest Colchester as it's local to them and they've plenty of bodies.



#2 06-09-2010 13:38:36

Sarah Colbert
From: Springfield Striders
Registered: 16-07-2009
Posts: 23

Re: 2010 Feedback

Maybe a direct request from the Nomads will get a response from CHAC? It seems to have fallen on deaf ears before now!



#3 07-09-2010 14:11:51

Paul Price
From: Thrift Green Trotters
Registered: 17-08-2009
Posts: 15

Re: 2010 Feedback

Sally had a thank you email from CHAC, which was nice. It would have been nicer if they had a representative at the end to return the trophy, even if it was just so we could re-present it to them.

The CHAC person who sent the email was Peter West (

Might be worth dropping Peter a line asking for a bit of help next year (and a bod or two at the end)



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