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#1 17-06-2011 09:37:43

From: Harwich Runners
Registered: 03-11-2008
Posts: 89

2011 Car Parking Reminder

Good afternoon

Are preparations being made now for this year's event - if so can we sort out the car parking in Great Tey?
Can you give me the club's contact details please?

David Williams
Great Tey Parish Council

Please liaise with the Stage 5 organising club and contact David at the Parish coucil to advise / request help, contact details in the members area - non public contacts (you need to log in to access this)



#2 21-08-2011 18:53:16

Malcolm Bailey
From: Tiptree Road Runners
Registered: 15-07-2009
Posts: 5

Re: 2011 Car Parking Reminder

Contact has been made with David Williams - can all runners & supporters please park at either thE harol;d Fairs Recreation Ground in Chrismund Way or at the Village Hall. There will be signs up on the day



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