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#1 06-09-2010 10:18:49

Paul Price
From: Thrift Green Trotters
Registered: 17-08-2009
Posts: 15

Essex Way 2010 Congrats/Essex Way 2011 thoughts

Having been at Epping at the start, Harwich at the end, and all points in between, can I say what a wonderful experience it was yesterday. Thanks to all involved - a great job!

There was a huge sense of cameraderie, sportsmanship, and general good humour. It's a tribute to the spirit of collaboration and co-operation among the Running Clubs in Essex that the Essex Way is the wonderful event it is.

Photos will be posted somewhere on the Web shortly, and a link will be made available to all Forum readers here

I guess now is the time to see if there is anything that could be done to make 2011 even better than 2010?

I didn't get any feeling of tragedy or impending doom yesterday - each club had their own way of doing things, and that added to the charm. I liked the generous spread of food and drink at Great Tey, plus the Airport-like cones to direct the runners towards the finish line (complete with Sail flags). The loud-hailer at Cressing was useful, and the moving of the finish line at W Bergholt back a few hundred meters was very sensible. Is this setting the bar too high for the future?

We seem to have a problem every year with runners being unable to find the W Bergholt start. I know this could be remedied by them recc'ing the leg first of course, but is there any merit in moving the Leg 6 finish/Leg 7 start to some place in the actual village?

Just a thought



#2 06-09-2010 13:43:04

Sarah Colbert
From: Springfield Striders
Registered: 16-07-2009
Posts: 23

Re: Essex Way 2010 Congrats/Essex Way 2011 thoughts

Hello Paul,
You got home last night then? No drum n bass? (private joke).

Yes, this year seemed to have more fluidity about it as clubs had more idea of what was expected.
We shall agree a meeting next year after Easter to discuss, and possibly make some suggestions, for an even better Essex Way Relay.

Thank you Fiona for your hard work before and on the day and big thanks to Andy Clarke for collating the results.
Everyone can take pleasure in having been involved with a great day in the Essex racing calender.



#3 06-09-2010 21:25:00

Fiona Sutherland
From: Bishops Stortford
Registered: 03-07-2009
Posts: 7

Re: Essex Way 2010 Congrats/Essex Way 2011 thoughts

Just to echo what everyone has said already - a brilliant day - really epitomises what running is all about, the amount of effort put in both at the front and back of the field was outstanding. Special thanks to Andy and Sally for all their hard work and also the Thrift Green Trotters who provided the water we had forgotten at the finish of leg 4!! and a special mention for the Springfield Striders runner who was late for the start, but instead of just joining in, went to the start to make sure he ran the whole leg.
Looking forward to next year already!!



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