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#1 10-06-2009 13:25:47

Andy Clarke
From: Thrift Green Trotters
Registered: 13-05-2009
Posts: 17

Leg Records?

Does anyone think it's worth recording times for each leg, with a view to generating leg records over time?

We could store records overall, by club, sex, age grouping, etc. I, for one, think we could encourage even more competition within the race if we introduced a prize for biggest slice removed from a leg record. Obviously this would have to be a percentage of the previous record, as the distances are not equal.

Any thoughts?





#2 10-06-2009 19:19:10

From: Harwich Runners
Registered: 03-11-2008
Posts: 89

Re: Leg Records?

I think its a good idea but it adds additional load to the results person/s on the day



#3 22-06-2009 10:53:01

Robert Teer
From: Thurrock Nomads
Registered: 05-04-2009
Posts: 23

Re: Leg Records?

Personally I would counsel against going down that route. It could send a signal that the EW Relay - characterised by it's simplicity, inclusivity & atmosphere (a festival of Essex Trail Running) - may be heading in an elitist direction. This was one of the factors which almost led to the demise of the event in 2000 with competitions within competitions etc. Apart from creating another layer of administration records would be pretty meaningless since course and weather conditions vary so much from year to year. Anyone bothered about times just needs to wear a watch.



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