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#1 06-09-2009 23:04:01

Robert Teer
From: Thurrock Nomads
Registered: 05-04-2009
Posts: 23

A Great Day

Compliments to all clubs and individuals involved in a very successful day - nice to see the great atmosphere preserved in the new organisational format. Graeme - you did an excellent job with the website - I hope a lot more people make use of it next year. Hopefully some clubs not taking respobnsibility for a stage this year will rectify that next time and not 'free load'. I was glad we set up a drink station on our section judging by the feedback; our runners on other stages with drinks provided were very grateful. Perhaps next year we can have one on each stage - short stages even have people running faster plus a larger proportion of less able runners who need a drink! Well done again folks.



#2 08-09-2009 18:26:08

Ceri Armstrong
From: Thurrock Nomads
Registered: 07-09-2009
Posts: 1

Re: A Great Day

I too want to thank all those who helped throughout the day.  I thought it worked really well and made it a really enjoyable experience - a real plus on previous years when we've had to rush from stage to stage to dish out water or do all the scoring!  Thanks everyone.



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