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#1 11-04-2009 15:37:05

Kevin Wright
From: Springfield Striders
Registered: 06-04-2009
Posts: 8

Meeting held at Chelmsford Rugby Club April 1st

ESSEX WAY RELAY 6 SEPTEMBER 2009 Well that’s that sorted then. Thank you all very much for coming which I think says a lot for the way the Nomads have organised this event over the years. It is obviously a day that we all want to keep going and hopefully with as little fuss as possible. Just to recap briefly

1 Each leg will be operated by a different club/s, organising updating of the route description, the start, the finish and any marshalling needed (only at dangerous road or rail crossings, or possibly near tidal waters)
Stage 1 8am Epping Station – Chipping Ongar ILFORD/EAST LONDON
Stage 2 9am Chipping Ongar – Good Easter THRIFT GREEN
Stage 3 10.15am Good Easter – Little Leighs PITSEA
Stage 4 11.30am Little Leighs – Cressing GRANGE FARM/BISHOPS STORTFORD
Stage 5 12.45pm Cressing – Great Tey WITHAM
Stage 6 2pm Great Tey – West Bergholt TIPTREE
Stage 7 2.40pm West Bergholt – Dedham SPRINGFIELD
Stage 8 4.15pm Dedham – Bradfield BILLERICAY
Stage 9 5.15pm Bradfield – Ramsey NOMADS
Stage 10 6pm Ramsey – Harwich HARWICH

2 Sally Gillam (Ilford) has offered to take care of entries by e-mail. No entries after 31 August.

3 Howard Jardine (Grange Farm) will chase up organising clubs re route changes in the first week of August. (If there is an obstruction, dangerous stile etc, Springfield, Colchester and Mid Essex all have contacts with the Rights of Way people at the councils).

4 Howard has also offered to sort out scoresheets for the day so that we all have the same

5 Fergie McKenna (Nomads)/Paul Price (Thrift Green) to sort out a main scoreboard

6 Kevin Wright (Springfield) has since the meeting offered to be results collator on the day

7 Dave Game (Mid Essex) is the Trail Runners Association Permit Officer and I’m sure will be more than willing to answer any queries re permits (they are free).

8 The Essex Way Relay site is still available to us courtesy of Peter Woodard so hopefully any route changes can be sent direct to him.

9 The Essex Way Relay discussion board is still available at Please use it for any queries or discussion points.

10 Hopefully using the above outlets and seeing each other at trail races etc we will be able to solve any unforeseen problems but if it is felt necessary to have another meeting I can easily arrange one free of charge at our club house.

11 Hopefully that covers it but if I have missed anything please let us all know.

Present at the meeting
Thrift Green Trotters Paul Price
Thurrock Nomads Fergie McKenna
Mid Essex Casuals David Game, Ian Foskew
Grange Farm &DR Howard Jardine, Pru Hayhow
Tiptree Road Runners Roger Duffield representing Malcolm Bailey
Harwich Runners Graeme Knott
Pitsea Running Club John Pettifer, Ken Carey
East London Runners Edward Barnard
Witham Running Club Ian Stobirski
Billericay Striders Dave Godfrey, Vic Pridmore
Bishops Stortford Fiona Sutherland
Ilford AC Sally Gillam, Mart Clarke, Malcolm Muir
Springfield Kevin Wright, Gary Wright, Sarah Colbert, Malcolm Savage



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