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#1 03-09-2012 12:23:41

Peter Gooding
From: Harwich Runners
Registered: 05-04-2009
Posts: 8

Thank you for help on leg 5

Harwich Runners would like to thank all those who assisted when our runner collapsed on leg 5. We were lucky that one of our members who is a Doctor was waiting at the finish of that leg and was able to be one of the first people on the scene. We would especially like to thank the lady runner from Nomads who phoned the ambulance and stayed there until it arrived, (or got as close as it could), as a result of doing so she lost loads of places in the race, (as did our lady runner). We would also like to thank the Witham marshals who assisted and the very kind local farmer who provided transport when the medical staff (and air ambulance), could not move our runner.
He was kept in hospital overnight had loads of tests, nothing was found and he is hoping to be released today, (Monday).
Thanks again to all involved.



#2 03-09-2012 14:34:50

Kevin Wright
From: Springfield Striders
Registered: 06-04-2009
Posts: 8

Re: Thank you for help on leg 5

Glad to hear he is OK. Our leading lady on that leg made it known she was not the first lady. Andy and I checked the results in the pub at the end to see if this would have made any significant difference to the result and luckily it did not.

Well done to everyone who helped or offered to help your runner.



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